Play music for English and American Country Dancing, Ceilidhs and Social Events.

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HIGH JINKS BAND is mainly made up of people associated with Hawk Green Folk Dance Club.  The line-up includes  Keyboard, Flute, fiddle, melodeon, bouzouki, guitar and bass.  All are experienced folk musicians who have played together for a number of years.

The band is available to play for a Ceilidh or Barn dance at all kinds of events. 

The band works with various local callers.

Music and Festivals
They have published a CD “High Five from High Jinks” and an accompanying booklet of original dances and tunes.
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1.   French Canadian Reels  - Traditional 6 X 32
     Reel Eugene,Parti de Saratoga, Set de la baie St Paul
2.  English Polka Reels   - Traditional 8 x 32
     Astely's Ride, Unfortunate Tailor,Dear Tobacco,Harpers Frolic
3.  Waltzes  -  6 x 32  .......
     Tom Bigbee,Haight Ashbury Waltz,Brafferton Village
4.  Jigs - Steve Hodgkiss 6 x 32
     Breakfast Jig, The Trench, The Mesa
5.  Hornpipes - Traditional 6 x 32
     Gloucester Hornpipe, Morning star, Worcester Hornpipe
6.  Clwyd - Traditional set tune 7x 20
7.  Barbarini's Tambourine - 18th century Country Dance  ......
     first published in Walsh -Caledonian country dances - book 4
     Second tune "Go George I Can't Abide You"
8.  Upton Priory - Steve Hodgkiss   4 x 32 Waltz
9.  Oldham rowling Hornpipe  - Traditional    3 x 32 of 3/2 hornpipes
10. Oldham Rant - traditional set tune    3 x 40 bars running set
11.  American "Old Time" Reels  - Traditional 9 x32  .......
      Angeline the Baker, Eliza Jane, Sally in the Garden
12.  Jigs  -  Traditional 7 x 32
      October Rose, Fair Jenny, Blazing Comet

The CD costs £10.00 and the booklet £2.00. 
Both can be obtained, post free, from: 
Milly Chadband, 62 Ridge Crescent,Hawk Green, Marple, Stockport SK6 7JA

High Jinks have appeared at Eastbourne, Lichfield, Whitby and Sidmouth Festivals, and  at various one-day festivals and events.


High Jinks can be contacted on
Tel: 07970 033674 (Kate Fuggle)
e-mail: fugglefamily@hotmail.com