Hawk Green Folk Dance Club (formerly Hawk Green Hoe Down Club), is a social folk dance club  offering a friendly welcome and relaxed atmosphere, where anyone can learn and enjoy a variety of social folk dances.

Hawk Green Hoe Down Club first started in October 1982, when the club met monthly, and the majority of the members were new to folk dancing. It proved so popular that club meetings quickly changed to weekly on Friday nights and still continues today. During the 1990s, the club ran a regular folk festival at Ridge Danyers College. Many bands, callers and dance teams, both local and national, have appeared at the festival, which offered a range of folk music and dance opportunities for all ages.

The club is currently enjoyed by around 60 members with an even balance between men and women, and the task of calling the dances is shared between a team of seven experienced dancers. The club has an extensive library of manuals and CDs which cover dances from across the years, from those enjoyed by Jane Austen to modern day Ceilidhs, as well as American squares and contra dances. Country dance is a living tradition, with new material constantly being produced, and the club library is regularly updated. The club is also affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

The club  also organises two public dances each year with visiting bands and callers, and there is a dance party every bank holiday Saturday at the Reading Room, as well as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The club recently changed its name to Hawk Green Folk Dance Club

Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to come along for a free taster session on a Friday night; there is always someone willing to help you through!

We meet, all year round, so people can join at any time. 



The address of the club is

The Reading Room
Upper Hibbert Lane
Hawk Green
SK6 7HQ 

We meet every Friday at 8.00 p.m. 
Admission is £1.50 including refreshments.

For more information please ring either:

The Secretary on 0161 427 4430


Chairman on 01260 252594